Joseph K. Wetherell

Joseph K. Wetherell

Joseph K. Wetherell

Admissions Events Specialist
(570) 941-5916

Fun Facts

Hometown: Brattleboro, VT

Undergraduate Degree: BS, University of Vermont

Graduate Degree: MS, Florida Institute of Technology

High School: St. Michael's High School

Previous Career: US Army Corps of Engineers, Served as Commander, 326 Engineer Battalion, 101st Airborne Division

Favorite Scranton Memory: Running my youngest son's Commencement Ceremony and meeting him offstage as he got his diploma.

Favorite Place on Campus: Murray Royals Workout Room

Campus Involvement: Staff Senate, ROTC Advisory Council, Commencement Committee

Favorite Teams: Scranton ROTC Ranger Challenge Team

Places I have Traveled: Australia, Germany, Korea, England, Mexico, Hawaii

Hobbies: Woodworking, auto mechanics, physical fitness, visiting my grandchildren