Jithin George

Jithin George

  • Class: 2021
  • Majors: Neuroscience and Biomathematics
  • College: College of Arts & Sciences
  • Hometown: Newtown, PA


When Jithin George first arrived on campus, he was introduced to the wide array of clubs and activities for students. Over time he saw that most students are involved in at least one club or organization. “There are a lot of really awesome opportunities,” he says.

For Jithin, the Scranton Neuroscience Society that caught his eye, and he ended up serving as president. He’s also been involved in the Health Professions Organization (which mentors students interested in various medical fields), the Chemistry Club and the Gaming Club.

“Because of the flexibility at Scranton, I’ve been able to contribute meaningfully to each of these clubs and derive meaningful experiences from each of them.”

On adaptability

You have to be able to work on a team. You have to be able to think on your feet and be resourceful. And the liberal arts education really instills all of that.

On a healthy, balanced life

(The Jesuit philosophy of) cura personalis literally means the whole person, care for the entire person. And it's important to realize that you're not just one thing. So I'm not just a student, I'm not just a scientist or a researcher, I'm not just a tutor. But I am all of those things. I am a brother, I'm a son. The University of Scranton recognizes that. They offer events to engage the different parts of yourself and allow you time to fulfill your different roles, the different parts of yourself and who you want to be.

On a diverse perspective

The Jesuit tradition of just loving (people) is really helpful in instilling an appreciation for diversity and inclusiveness. You understand that though there are differences between people, there’s also this oneness that is being human. You learn to appreciate your differences. There comes a moment when you realize that the way you’ve lived your life isn’t the only way to live a meaningful life. And I think that realization is important for anyone to have (in order to) appreciate other walks of life, other experiences, and learn what you’re put on earth to do and how you can best serve your community and other people.