Lauren Tomasic

Lauren Tomasic

  • Class: 2018
  • Majors: Exercise Science and Philosophy
  • College: Panuska College of Professional Studies
  • Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland


Lauren Tomasic appreciated the personal, practical education she received in the Panuska College. The small classroom settings, the close relationships with her professors, the myriad handson learning opportunities—all combine to create a one-of-a-kind preparation. After graduation, she will attend Baylor University to study physical therapy.

On passionate teaching

“You can tell that the professors here love what they’re teaching. Their passion really comes through in the classroom, whether they’re talking about their own research or just presenting material in class. You can see it in how they teach—they get so excited about things!”

On Leahy Hall

“Leahy is one of my absolute favorite buildings on campus. I love how you can walk into some of the rooms and not even realize that you’re in a classroom. It feels like a real workplace or a professional setting. I feel so fortunate to be able to learn in that type of an environment, with all of these resources and technologies and research labs. It’s amazing.”

On service learning

“A really cool thing about Panuska College is that we participate in service learning each semester. It’s an opportunity for students to step outside of their comfort zone and serve in a way that they might not otherwise do. It definitely helps us to put into practice what we learn in the classroom.”