Latin American and Latinx Studies

Latin American and Latinx Studies

Latin American and Latinx studies cultivates students with global sensibilities that are comfortable in a diversity of cultures and traditions.


Latin American and Latinx studies is a multi-disciplinary program designed to advance students’ understanding of Latin America and people of Latin American heritage. It seeks to provide both broad, general knowledge of the Latin American region as a whole and an in-depth knowledge of specific countries, regions, cultures and communities. 

Why is Latin American and Latinx Studies in Demand?

The significant rise of Latinx/Hispanic populations in the United States and the increasing cultural, social and economic interconnectedness among the countries and peoples of the Americas will increase the demand for citizens of the world who:

  • Are proficient in the Spanish language
  • Are prepared to work with U.S. Latinx/Hispanics and the people of Latin America
  • Possess an in-depth understanding of Latin American and Latinx culture, history and politics
  • Are comfortable among and sensitive to a diversity of cultures and people

Is it for me?

Are you:

  • Keen to learn Spanish?
  • Fascinated by the opportunity to study, research or work abroad?
  • Interested in working with diverse populations?
  • Aspiring to a career that involves translating and interpreting?

Five Reasons to Choose Scranton for Latin American and Latinx Studies

Flexible curriculum.    Supporting courses allow students to acquire a general knowledge of the region by taking classes in a wide range of disciplines or to gain a deeper understanding of Latin America and its diaspora by focusing on one or two particular areas of interest.
Be a name, not a number.    Small classes capped at 25-30 students. Undergraduate studies are our focus. Faculty members get to know you on an individual basis and are generous with their time and attention, both inside and outside of class.
Unique opportunities to learn.    Occasional visiting professors, such as Fulbright scholars and guest Latin American writers, enrich the curriculum and offer students intensive study in Latin American and Latinx politics, literature and culture.
Strong sense of community.    There are numerous departmental activities, including movies, clubs and associations that will enrich your experience while making you feel supported by your instructors and peers.
Opportunity for double major and/or minor.   Students in the program are encouraged to double major and/or minor in the wide array of disciplines offered at The University of Scranton and to study abroad in Latin America for at least one semester with the twin goals of cultural and linguistic fluency.
  • Preparing You For Personal & Professional Successplus or minus

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Grow in confidence
    • Manage your time
    • Grow in cultural awareness and sensitivity
    • Understand Latin American and Latinx culture, history and politics
    • Develop language competency
    • Develop effective research and presentation skills
    • Develop critical thinking and problem solving
    • Work with diverse populations
    • Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing
  • What You'll Learnplus or minus


    Coursework in history and political science provides the foundation for understanding the historical, political, cultural and economic development of Latin America. These classes provide an introduction to various cultures and civilizations, as well as familiarity with factors that have shaped the experiences of individuals, groups and countries. Students learn about the social significance of events in the past and the present. These courses enable students to appreciate more fully specific learning objectives in upper-division courses in the same subject area, as well as specialized topics in the support course area.

    Students majoring in Latin American and Latinx studies also take courses in philosophy, religion, biology, geography and literature. Proficiency in Spanish facilitates a fuller understanding of the cultures, histories, intellectual traditions and peoples of these countries.

    Students may also concentrate in Latin American and Latinx studies by taking 18 credits in history, political science and select supporting courses, and by demonstrating language proficiency.

    Click here to see the curriculum.

  • Pursue Your Passion and Make a Differenceplus or minus

    An important way to enrich your overall college experience and to develop and test your language skills and knowledge of Latin American and Latinx studies is to engage in service. There are numerous opportunities to perform service that require knowledge of Latin American and Latinx culture and peoples in the greater Scranton area. The Center for Service and Social Justice provides many such opportunities.

    The University of Scranton’s International Service Program provides faith-based service opportunities abroad, including short-term service trips to several destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Where Will Latin American and Latinx Studies Take Me?

A major in Latin American and Latinx studies will open doors to a variety of careers, including:

  • Foreign correspondent
  • International sales/business
  • Customs inspector
  • Journalist
  • Travel agent
  • Medical professional
  • ESL teacher
  • Immigration lawyer
  • Embassy personnel
  • Market researcher
  • Study abroad coordinator
  • English teacher abroad
  • Government agent

How Scranton Gives You a Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

One of the many things students tell us they love about Scranton is that our faculty members are active in helping them achieve their career goals.  As you walk across campus, you’ll often see students chatting with faculty over coffee to bounce ideas. 

Whether it’s advising or providing letters of references for a competitive graduate school or that dream job, faculty members make it their priority to get to know each student on an individual level.  That deep level of understanding means that our faculty are not only dedicated teachers and strong researchers, but advocates for you professionally. 

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