World Languages & Cultures

World Languages & Cultures

Studying world languages is a doorway to new world, with new customs, new foods, new people, new places and even new ways of thinking and being.


Knowledge of world languages is essential in today’s global society. Our World Languages & Cultures programs prepare students to become proficient in a language, a literature, and a culture other than English and American so that they may lead empowered and productive lives as global citizens.

Why is World Languages & Cultures in Demand?

Through the study of world languages, you’ll gain access to the cultures of foreign nations, develop a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and acquire a deeper understanding of our common humanity. Employment opportunities are excellent for students who speak and understand a language other than English in areas such as banking, journalism, international business, law, sales, marketing and management, and in social services and medical-related fields.

Is it for me?

  • Like to try new foods, meet new people?
  • Want to see the wonders of the world in person, not YouTube?
  • Get fascinated and intrigued by differences in cultures?

Five Reasons to Choose Scranton for World Languages & Cultures

Study abroad opportunities.   The department sponsors faculty-led study abroad trips to Mexico, Italy, Peru and Spain. The department encourages internships in the United States or abroad, and works with students on an individual basis to arrange them.
Be a name, not a number.    Small classes capped at 20-25 students. Undergraduate studies are our focus. Faculty get to know you on an individual basis and are generous with their time and attention inside and outside of the classroom.
Service-learning.    The department offers a variety of service learning opportunities, including Spanish 335: Service Learning and the Hispanic Community. Many of our students volunteer at The Edward R. Leahy Jr. Center Clinic for the Uninsured.
Foreign language teaching assistants.    Each year the department welcomes Fulbright teaching and graduate assistants from abroad who teach their native languages.
Strong sense of community.    Numerous departmental activities including clubs, cultural events and an honor society where you will feel supported by your instructors and peers.
  • Preparing You For Personal & Professional Successplus or minus

    Learning a second language is a doorway to another world, with different customs, different foods, and even different expectations at times. Our faculty are from the four corners of the world, multilingual and multicultural. We celebrate events from the world calendar. We work diligently with students to prepare them for, and help them choose, an appropriate study abroad experience, perhaps even with an internship attached. 

    You will:

    • Develop effective oral and written communication skills in your target language.
    • Develop an understanding of a major world culture and its peoples, and grow in personal and cultural confidence.
    • Create a portfolio over the course of your studies that will track your development and that you can use when job seeking.
  • What You'll Learnplus or minus


    There are a number of options when it comes to world languages at The University of Scranton.

    First, you may choose to major directly in French and Francophone Cultural Studies, German Cultural Studies, Hispanic Studies or Italian. You will learn to read, write, speak and comprehend one or more world languages and acquire knowledge of literary traditions by reading representative authors.  You’ll also gain insights into the culture and civilization of foreign peoples.

    Second, you may opt to major in international language-business, a professionally-oriented program whose purpose is to make language study a more career-structured discipline by providing you with the opportunity to acquire a liberal arts education while, at the same time, taking courses relevant to specific areas of business such as finance and management. All world language and international language-business majors are urged to spend a year or a semester in a country of their target language. In addition, both world language and international language-business majors may study a second foreign language.

    Third, you may choose to major in classical languages, which gives you a solid foundation in Latin and Greek and a further appreciation of the liberal arts aspects of classical studies. If you elect to major in the classics, you are encouraged to study abroad at Loyola University’s Rome Center of Liberal Arts in your junior year, an extremely popular program that will enhance your educational experience.

    Click here to see the curriculum.

  • Pursue Your Passion and Make a Differenceplus or minus

    Closer to home, we offer significant service-learning opportunities in our local community.  As a Jesuit institution, we encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.


Where will World Languages and Cultures Take Me?

A large percentage of Scranton world language and international language-business majors have found employment in areas directly related to their majors. 

Leading Employers:

  • Director of Operations, New York State Senate
  • Account executive for Raymond Weil Importer, New York
  • Executive for logistics and management for Dickinson Constant Company, northern France
  • Financial specialist for Putnam Investments, Boston
  • MS Investment Management, New York
  • Spanish, Italian, French, German and Latin teachers in a variety of public and private secondary school settings
  • Human Resources for AXA in Paris, France
  • Ernst & Young, New York
  • Officer in the U.S. Foreign Service
  • Project Manager for a translation company

Graduate School & Volunteer Service

Some of our graduates have served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps at home or abroad, in the Peace Corps in Africa, for Catholic Relief Services in Africa, and in Germany, Morocco and Brazil as a Fulbright scholar. Other students are pursuing graduate studies or are enrolled in law school or medical school.

How Scranton Gives You a Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

One of the many things students tell us they love about Scranton is that our faculty are very active in helping them achieve their career goals.  As you walk across campus, you’ll often see students chatting with faculty over coffee to bounce ideas. 

Whether it’s advising or providing letters of reference for a competitive graduate school or that dream job, faculty make it their priority to get to know each student on an individual level.  That deep level of understanding means that our faculty are not only dedicated teachers and strong researchers but advocates for you professionally. 

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