Scranton Videos

Get to know the University by hearing about our campus, student life and the academic experience from our students and faculty.

What Door May We Open for You?

This is a community so close, we open doors for one another. This is an education so exceptional, it opens doors for a lifetime.

Virtual Campus Tour

Join our student ambassadors as they take you on a tour of our beautiful 58-acre campus. Check out the hub of our campus, The DeNaples Center, where students gather and enjoy outstanding dining options, our state of the art academic facilities, library, fitness center, theater, dorms, and more!

Choosing Scranton

See why our students chose Scranton!

The Jesuit Way

Students often ask what Jesuit means. The Jesuits are an order of priests within the Catholic religion who were founded by St. Ignatius Loyola over 450 years ago. They have deep roots in education.

The Value of a Scranton Education

A Scranton education is an immersive experience - values-based and outcomes-focused - that delivers an excellent return on your college investment.

The Humanities at Scranton

Students of the humanities at Scranton learn to perceive the world in a nuanced light, which enables them to grow not just as scholars but as people.

Scranton & the Region

What is there to do in Scranton? Plenty! Hear what our students like to do in our area.


Learn about all we have to offer in the classroom!


Getaway… Retreat…a time to pause and take the pulse of your life. We offer FUN retreats throughout the year at our beautiful retreat center at Chapman Lake.

Study Abroad

Scranton students learn to “go forth and set the world on fire” through their experiences around the world. Let them tell you how this Jesuit ideal has shaped their lives.

Honors Programs

If you thrive on being intellectually challenged, you’ll find your place in our programs of excellence. Scranton offers a range of honors and special programs that can enhance and complement your academic experience.


At the University of Scranton, we prepare students to become skilled, compassionate nurses, bedside clinicians, advocates, scholars and leaders in a community centered around Catholic and Jesuit values.


Internships give students the opportunity to integrate what they have learned in the classroom with what they are learning in the field. The Classes of 2018 and 2019 completed internships at 979 organizations in 38 different states, plus the District of Columbia, Canada, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Ghana, India, Italy and Panama.

Alive 24/7!

How much you get out of Scranton will depend on how much you get into – and there’s no shortage of ways to spend your time! In fact, 24 hours won’t seem like enough.


Employed? Professional school? Volunteering? Where do you want to be after commencement? You choose your path, and we’ll guide you to the finish.

Scranton Orientation

The first step in becoming a Royal is attending Orientation and nobody does it like Scranton! See what it was like when #Royals2021 came to campus!

Move-in Day

We're always thrilled to welcome new Royals to campus. Nobody does move-in like the Scranton community!

Intercollegiate Athletics

Scranton sponsors 23 NCAA Division III (non-scholarship) athletic programs -- eleven for men and twelve for women.


Whether on campus, around the corner, across the country, or south of the border, you can expect to be challenged to become a true "man or woman for others" in the Jesuit tradition through countless service opportunities.

Edward R. Leahy Jr. Hall

Check out the new $47.5 million, eight story home for the undergraduate and graduate departments of exercise science, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

Fun Facts About the Loyola Science Center

Learn some fun facts about the Loyola Science Center that help to demonstrate the scope of the project, which is the University's most ambitious undertaking to date.

Kania School of Management

Studying business at Scranton is a wise investment - learn why!

Biological Sciences

Biological sciences is the study of life and living organisms, their life cycles, adaptations and environment. At Scranton students get one-on-one interaction with our faculty, in-depth experience in the process of science, learn laboratory techniques, as well as share in the excitement of scientific discovery.

Communication & Media

Are you interested in writing, speaking and media? Is it time to tap into your creativity in a professional environment? Take a look at our communication major! We prepare students for exceptional careers and/or advanced study in broadcasting, journalism, advertising, public relations, and other areas, through our rigorous program.

Health Administration & Human Resources Studies

We prepare future managers and leaders in health care and human resources who can enter their chosen profession at the operational level and advance quickly in their careers.

Move-In Day

How do you picture your first day of college? See if the welcome we give our new Scranton students and their families feels right to you.

'The Office' Wrap Party

Fans from around the world joined University of Scranton students to bid farewell in grand style to the cast and producers of "The Office," the NBC TV series set in Scranton that aired its final episode on Thursday, May 16, 2013.


An accounting degree from Scranton prepares you for careers in a wide variety of public, private, government or nonprofit sector positions. You’ll graduate with a solid command of accounting and business principles, while developing all of the skills required for success as a well-rounded professional in the liberal arts tradition.

Operations & Information Management

The OIM Department offers two major programs of study: Operations Management and Business Analytics. Are you a business-minded student with a commitment to quality? Are you a “big picture” person and detail-oriented? We encourage you to learn more about operations management. Are you interested in helping organizations make better business decisions and solve problems? A major in business analytics at The University of Scranton might be for you!

Living on Campus

Our students take you on a tour of their rooms. Does this sound like a place you could call home?

Faculty Profile - Joe Kraus

What appeals most to Dr. Kraus about The University of Scranton – besides its exceptional faculty and Jesuit education – is the institution’s ability to propel students to new levels of understanding, and therefore, success.

Faculty Profile - Rose Sebastianelli

Even after more than 20 years at the University, her exuberance for teaching carries over to the classroom. During her tenure, Dr. Sebastianelli has been voted three times by students as the Kania School of Management’s Teacher of the Year.

Pilarz Hall, Montrone Hall Apartment Complex

The complex includes two- and four-bedroom apartments sharing a common kitchen and living area. Home to 396 juniors and seniors, the buildings have student lounges and other gathering spaces and have been designed to meet LEED standards.

Tour of New Fitness Center in Pilarz Hall

The 14,000-square-foot fitness center in Pilarz Hall includes 46 pieces of cardio equipment, including treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines, all furnished with individual theater systems; 22 Cybex units designed to exercise precise muscle groups; and an extensive, state-of-the-art free weight area.

P.O.D. Market and Food Court, Montrone Hall

The P.O.D. (Provisions On Demand ) Market combines the corner store with the style of a modern market, featuring grab 'n go dining options.

Christian Krokus, Ph.D. (Theology/Religious Studies)

Studying the humanities at The University of Scranton will help you question the world around you in order to become deeply human; deeply humane. Theology/religious studies professor Dr. Christian Krokus says that studying the humanities helps us become fully alive.

Daniel O'Reilly '18 (Theology/Religious Studies & English)

English and theology/religious studies major Daniel O'Reilly '18 says that the small class sizes and individualized attention prepare him for a future that will challenge him to be the best person that he can be.

Maura Burns '18 (History)

Thinking about studying history at The University of Scranton? History student Maura Burns '18 says that the research methods and historical knowledge provided through her education will prepare her for any instance in her future career.

David Dzurec, Ph.D. (History)

By looking at the past, we can anticipate what's to come. How can studying the humanities at The University of Scranton prepare you for your future? Dr. Dzurec thinks it can make you a better writer, student and person.

Kelsey Rosa '19 (International Language/Business - Spanish)

Studying international languages can challenge us to see the world in a different way. International language/business student Kelsey Rosa '19 says that her individualized education at The University of Scranton has shaped her to become a more compassionate, empathetic and well-rounded person.

Matthew Meyer, Ph.D. (Philosophy)

"The Humanities are important because we are all human, no matter your major," says Dr. Meyer. Studying humanities at The University of Scranton will not only prepare you for your future career but as citizens of the world.

Cara Charles '19 (English & Philosophy)

How can studying English at The University of Scranton change you? Cara Charles '19, English and philosophy major, says it is thanks to the Scranton faculty that she is changed.

Matthew Coughlin '19 (Philosophy & Political Science)

Studying the humanities at The University of Scranton will prepare you to make future decisions that ensure happiness above anything. Political science and philosophy major Matthew Coughlin '19 says his education in the humanities have pushed him to "do more" and changed him in ways that he could have never imagined.

Stephen Whittaker, Ph.D. (English and Theatre)

Dr. Stephen Whittaker, English and theatre professor, has seen students studying literature enter a variety of careers not only in teaching or writing but in law, medicine and government. They are what he calls "connoisseurs."

Hank Willenbrink, Ph.D. (Theatre)

"At the University of Scranton, we question who we are to form who we will become," says Dr. Willenbrink. English and theatre students help create change by putting their ideas into action.

The Loyola Science Center

The Loyola Science Center is a fitting home to the University's rich legacy of science education, serving as a center of collaborative learning for all members of the campus and community.

Fun Facts about the Loyola Science Center

Learn some fun facts about the Loyola Science Center that help to demonstrate the scope of the project, which is the University's most ambitious undertaking to date.