Frequently Asked Questions from Accepted and Enrolled Students

Frequently Asked Questions from Accepted and Enrolled Students

  • Academic Programs and Classesplus or minus

    Q: What is the SJLA Honors program?
    A: The Special Jesuit Liberal Arts (SJLA) Honors Program is available to between 50 and 60 of our most qualified freshmen each year by invitation. Those who are selected to join SJLA Honors fulfill their general education credits in a community atmosphere that encourages excellence and service to others. Students develop enhanced writing, oral and critical-thinking skills through specially designed courses in philosophy, theology and literature. Read more about the SJLA Honors program and the courses students take:

    Q: What is the Gonzaga Program?
    A: The Gonzaga Program is designed for students who demonstrate academic achievement and the potential to excel, but whose grades and SAT/ACT scores indicate the need to refine their verbal skills to meet the challenges of college-level coursework. This link: will take you to a description of the program. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Christina Lenway at (570) 941-4218 or

    Q: When will I get my class schedule?
    A: You will complete the online Pre-Registration form in the portal as part of Forms, Forms, Forms in May. You'll be able to access your class schedule online in June and meet with your advisor during Orientation to discuss it.

    Q: Where can I find my schedule?
    A: Log into, click  "Students" on the left, choose My Courses, then Current Course Schedule, choose the term you want, and submit. Your schedule should come up on your screen.

    Q: My schedule keeps changing without me doing anything. Why is this happening?
    A: Your schedule may continue to change throughout the summer because of changes in classes and professors' schedules.

    Q: When will I be meeting with my advisor?
    A: You will meet with an academic advisor for the first time during Summer Orientation. See the "Orientation" section of this page for more information on Orientation.

    Q: How can I get in touch with an advisor?
    A: College of Arts & Sciences (570) 941-6323
    A: Kania School of Management (570) 941-6100 or
    A: Panuska College of Professional Studies (570) 941-6390 or

    Q: Are there placement exams that I need to take before classes start?
    A: Placement tests take place during Summer Orientation. Your advisor will work with you on which ones you need to take. See the "Orientation" section of this page for more information on Orientation.

    Q: Do you accept AP or IB courses or other college courses for college credit?
    A: Yes. You can get complete information by visiting this site.

    Q: What support services are available for students who need assistance?
    A: The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence can help you, whether it be through providing free tutoring services, help with writing your paper or providing accommodations for a disability. Read more here.

    Q: How do I check to see which books I will need for each class?
    A: Go on the University’s bookstore website. You will need your schedule on hand to fill in the information needed to generate which books you will need for your classes.

    Q: When is the first day of classes?
    A: First day of classes for the academic year of 2020-2021 is August 31, 2020.

  • Orientationplus or minus

    Q: What happens during Orientation?  Do my parents really need to come and stay overnight too?
    A: The Center for Student Engagement handles our Summer Orientation and they suggest that your parents attend. During the day, parents and first-year students have various events and meetings, some together and some separate. Then, first-year students stay overnight on our campus and parents would be able to stay at a local hotel. If you have any specific questions about Orientation, you can call the office at (570) 941-6233.  Also, here is a link to the Orientation web site.

    Q: What happens when I arrive at Orientation?
    A: Check-in will begin at 8:00 a.m., with the first session starting at 9:15 a.m. As long as you arrive early enough, you can drop items off at your room. If you arrive toward the end of check-in, you will be able to store your belongings at Orientation Headquarters in the DeNaples Center until later in the day.

    Q: Is it too late to change my orientation date?
    A: Please call the Center for Student Engagement at (570) 941-6233. They will do their best to accommodate you if they have openings. 

  • student portal, Forms Forms Forms, and Other Technologyplus or minus

    Q: What is
    A: is used to access your financial aid information. If you choose to enroll, will also be used to fill out some of your "Forms Forms Forms" in May. As a Scranton student, you will continue to use for various things throughout your college experience.

    Q: How do I access the account?
    A: Instructions on how to unlock and log into will be provided to accepted students by email. 

    Q: What do I do if I am having trouble setting up or logging into my student portal account?
    A: Please call the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-4357 and they can help you through the process.

    Q: When do I gain access to Forms Forms Forms (online forms for enrolled students)?
    A: Some forms are accessed through the status page, including Orientation and Parent/Guardian Contact Information. The remainder of the forms are accessed through the portal. An email will be sent in May to let you know when Forms are available to be completed.

    Q: I am having trouble filling out my Forms Forms Forms!  What should I do?
    A: Anyone having issues with Forms Forms Forms, or itself, should try a different browser first. If that does not work, try a different computer, and if you are still having trouble, please call the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-4357.

    Q: Can I get my textbooks electronically, for example on a Kindle, iPad, etc.?  
    A: Yes, you can! You can look up your books here.

    Q: How do I connect my college email to a smartphone?
    A: This link will help.

    Q: What kind of laptop should I get when I come to Scranton?
    A: All first-year students enrolled in the Kania School of Management are required to have a laptop that meets certain minimum requirements.Other students may choose to purchase a similar computer if they wish.

    Student Laptop Program - This site lists some common questions, our system requirements and a link to some of the vendors that Scranton has agreements with.

    ResNet is the University’s computer network that provides direct access to the campus data network and the Internet to resident students. All students can access these resources using our wireless network.

  • Residence Lifeplus or minus

    Q: Do I get to pick my roommate or is it random?
    A: Residence Life allows students to request a roommate on the Housing Questionnaire. Students may request a specific roommate until late June, and can check the Welcome tab in for details. If you do not request a specific roommate, Residence Life will use the Questionnaire to match you with a roommate.

    Q: When do I fill out the Housing Questionnaire?
    A: Please complete your Housing Questionnaire in the Welcome tab on by May 24. Once complete, please choose "Save as Draft." If you need to make a change, such as a request for a specific roommate, you may go back into the form before it is automatically submitted on June 28 at noon.

    Q: How can I request a roommate after I filled out the roommate questionnaire form?
    A: Go to portal and sign in. To request a specific roommate, you must share your Roommate Code from your Housing Questionnaire with your intended roommate, and follow the application instructions on the Housing Preference Questionnaire. Only one student needs to make the request. You must make this request before the form is automatically submitted on June 28 at noon.

    Q: How do I access my residence hall and roommate information?
    A: During the week of July 15, your residence hall and roommate information will be available. You will be able to view it at:
    Home Tab
    Manage Your Personal Info Section
    Self Service Link
    Student Services & Financial Aid
    Residence Life Menu
    Housing Portal

    Q: How is housing assigned? Is it a lottery system or on a first come, first served basis?
    A: Freshman year, roommates and rooms are assigned randomly by Residence Life after filling out your Housing Questionnaire (unless you request a specific roommate during Forms Forms Forms). For sophomore through senior year, you choose your roommates, and room assignments are done on a lottery system.

    Q: Where can I find more information about the Residence Halls?
    A: Here is the website for Residence Life.

    Q: What kind of furniture is in each residence hall room?
    A: There is a bed, a shelf, a wardrobe closet and a desk.

    Q: How can I get more information about the Living Learning Communities (LLCs) that are available, such as FIRE and Cura Personalis?
    A: Here is a link to a web site that will explain these programs. Another option would be to call Residence Life at (570) 941-6226.

  • Admissions and Financial Aidplus or minus

    Q: Will I receive a confirmation letter that Scranton received my deposit?
    A: Yes, there is an electronic confirmation letter that is posted to your status page.

    Q: Do I have to accept my scholarships and/or financial aid formally in order to receive that aid when I attend?
    A: No. All you need to do is complete the enrollment confirmation form and submit your deposit in order to accept your financial aid awards. You may decline financial aid awards by following the instructions in your financial aid award letter.

    Q: What is the mailing address for the Office of Admissions?
    A: Office of Undergraduate Admissions, The Estate
    The University of Scranton
    Scranton, PA 18510-4699
    Our email address for questions is Our email address to submit application documents is Our fax number is: (570) 941-5928.

  • Student Lifeplus or minus

    Q: What kinds of jobs are available on campus?
    A: There are many opportunities to work on campus. Be sure to indicate on your FAFSA form that you are interested in applying for the federal work-study program to see if you qualify. University-sponsored work study positions are also available. There are job opportunities off-campus in the downtown area and within driving distance of campus.

    Q: What is the FIRST program?
    A: Forty incoming first-year students are given the opportunity to participate in five days of service in the Scranton community immediately preceding Fall Welcome. Types of service include working with elementary school children and nursing home residents, and participating in a painting project. In the evening, students stay at the University's Retreat Center at Chapman Lake. A team of eight upperclassmen will lead FIRST, with a staff chaperone director. If you enroll at Scranton, you will get more information on how to sign up in early May.

    Q: What are the clubs that Scranton has to offer?
    A: Scranton offers more than 80 different clubs and organizations for our students. Visit this web page for more information.

    Q: How can I become part of the Student Programming Board?
    A: Stop by the USPB's office in the Student Forum on the second floor of DeNaples. You can sign up for some of their committees at the Fall Activities Fair.

  • Your Royal Cardplus or minus

    Q: I am confused about the Royal Card, more specifically, how do I put money on it, are there any fees, how do I check my balance, etc.?
    A: You can put money on your Royal Card online or at a machine on campus. There are no fees. You can check your balance online. Here is a page with more FAQs. Here is a page where you can check your balance/put money on your Royal Card.

    Q: When will I receive my Royal Card?
    A: Pictures are taken at Orientation. Royal Cards will be mailed out later in the summer, closer to move-in time.

    Q: What bank does Scranton have around the campus?
    A: There are multiple banks located within walking distance to campus. PNC Bank is The University of Scranton’s on-campus banking partner and maintains an ATM in the DeNaples Center, which PNC account holders can access without fees.

    As part of New Student Orientation, students will be given the opportunity to open a checking account through PNC Bank if they choose to do so.

    Visit for more information on all the services and support PNC offers to Scranton students and staff. To locate an ATM use the ATM Locator.