Daniel P. Haggerty, Ph.D.

Daniel P. Haggerty, Ph.D.

  • Professor, Department of Philosophy
  • Director, Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program
  • B.A., Saint Joseph’s University
  • Ph.D., Syracuse University


As a University of Scranton professor, Dr. Dan Haggerty most enjoys time spent with his students. He appreciates the close relationships, the collaboration and the opportunities to explore with his students the deeper questions of meaning, value and purpose.

On investing in students

"As a result of our smaller class sizes, we really get to know our students as individuals. We’re able to take the time, in the classroom and through mentoring, to help them find their way and develop their unique interests and abilities. We become deeply invested in their success.” 

On collaborating with students

"In other places, faculty might take the attitude that the research they’re doing is the all-important thing, and their students are lucky to sit at their feet and assist them. Here, faculty have their research programs, but we also help students to discover what their interests and passions might be. We help students develop their own research and guide them along the way.”

On a Jesuit education

“Since the beginning, Jesuit education has balanced an education in the humanities with a practical orientation to turn out educated people who could make positive, meaningful contributions in the world. The University of Scranton is a broad and deep education, a whole education, that lives up to that ideal.”