Human Resources Studies

Human Resources Studies

Human resources (HR) is a term used to describe the set of tasks aimed at effectively managing an organization’s human resources or employees.


Human resources studies is an interdisciplinary program that integrates knowledge from the human resources field, social and behavioral sciences, business and the liberal arts, and develop excellence in both written and oral expression. Human resources professionals have evolved from the behind-the-scenes, administrative role of the 20th century to active involvement in shaping corporate policy.

Why is Human Resources Studies in Demand?

  • Human resources generalists handle all aspects of human resources work, including recruitment, employee relations, payroll, benefits, training, as well as the administration of human resources policies, procedures, and programs.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for employment of human resources specialists and labor relations specialists is projected to grow 5 to 9 percent from 2016 to 2026. Job prospects for human resources specialists are expected to be particularly favorable.
  • In May 2021, the median annual wage for human resources specialists was $62,290. The median annual wage for compensation and benefits specialists was $64,120.

Is it for me?

Do you enjoy:

  • Using relevant information and individual judgment?
  • Analyzing information and results to solve problems?
  • Handling concerns and resolving conflicts?
  • Using metrics to improve performance?

Five Reasons to Choose Scranton for Human Resources Studies

Be a name, not a number.   Small classes are capped at 25-30 students. Undergraduate studies are our focus. Faculty get to know you on an individual basis and are generous with their time and attention, both inside and outside of class.
Interdisciplinary opportunities.    We offer the opportunity to earn a minor in business administration to enhance your marketability after graduation. Students can also earn a minor in psychology and other academic areas.
Accelerate your education.    Students have the opportunity to complete graduate credits through graduate study in the accelerated bachelor’s/master’s online degree program.
Strong sense of community.   Numerous departmental activities include the student chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management, clubs, associations and honor societies where you will feel supported by faculty, staff and peers while learning more, too.
Internship experience.   The HRS program requires a 120-hour internship experience in the fall semester of your senior year to help prepare you for an entry-level position in human resources.
  • Preparing You For Personal & Professional Successplus or minus

    The program is designed to educate students in the processes used to promote effective job performance, career development and job satisfaction of employees. This programmatic focus is based upon the belief that a strong base of analytical knowledge is critical to the successful practice of human resources. Students will also be actively engaged in applying  theory in ways that can influence the effectiveness of an organization.
    You'll develop:
    • Decision-making skills - Make judgments that significantly impact operations and employee relations
    • Interpersonal skills - Collaborate on teams and develop positive working relationships
    • Leadership skills - Direct staff and oversee operations of various departments
    • Organizational skills Manage and prioritize several projects at once
    • Speaking skills - Communicate policies and procedures to employee and business unit


    All human resources studies majors are required to complete an internship locally in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area during the fall semester of their senior year. The internship is a valuable experience where the student has the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in an organizational setting under the supervision of a qualified human resources professional.

    Recent local/regional internship sites include:

    • Manufacturing - Trion Industries, Mesko Glass, Hendrick Manufacturing, Kane Warehousing, Prada, Nestle USA, Jack Williams Co.
    • Healthcare - St. Joseph’s Center, Allied Services, Moses Taylor Hospital, Commonwealth Health, Genesis HealthCare, Benco Dental 
    • Services - GUARD Insurance, Hilton Hotels-NY, Schiff’s Food Service, Diversified Information Technology, U.S. District Court, C3 Group, Scranton Times, Scranton Preparatory School, The Wright Center for Community Health
  • What You'll Learnplus or minus


    Students are exposed to an interdisciplinary curriculum, which requires the integration of knowledge from the liberal arts, social and behavioral sciences, and business. Students will develop excellence in both written and oral expression and will learn to use technology effectively.

    Click here to see the curriculum.

    High school seniors interested in human resources may apply or a direct-entry seat in the accelerated Master of Science in Human Resources Management program at The University of Scranton.
  • Pursue Your Passion and Make a Differenceplus or minus

    The changing nature of work, as influenced by social, economic, technological and educational forces, is explored both nationally and globally. The study of human resource theories and their practical applications in the workplace is an essential part of the program. HRS students are required to complete at least 80 hours of service learning. As a Jesuit institution, we encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and their community.


Where will Human Resources Studies take me?

The human resources studies major is rooted in the Jesuit liberal arts tradition and prepares students to be proactive in their pursuit of fairness and equity within the workplace. HRS graduates are prepared to pursue jobs right after graduation.

Significant career opportunities exist in positions such as Compensation and Benefits Managers, Human Resources Managers and Training and Development Managers.

Many students continue their education in graduate programs, including the opportunity for acceptance into Scranton’s accelerated bachelor’s/master’s online degree program.

Leading Employers:

You’ll find Scranton graduates working in a wide range of companies and organizations including:

  • ARAMARK, Philadelphia
  • Brookfield Investment, Inc., NY
  • Bucknell University
  • Dun & Bradstreet, NY
  • Extensis Group, New York City
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Lockheed Martin, Washington, DC
  • L'Oreal, NY
  • Nestle USA in Glendale, CA
  • Nestle Purina Division
  • Petsmart Corporate Headquarters, AZ
  • Pratt & Whitney, NC
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Sears Logistics Services
  • Starwood Hotels & Resorts, NY
  • Tufts University

How Scranton Gives You a Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

One of the many things students tell us they love about Scranton is that our faculty members are very active in helping them achieve their career goals.  As you walk across campus, you’ll often see students chatting with faculty over coffee to bounce ideas. 

Whether it’s advising or providing letters of references for a competitive graduate school or that dream job, faculty make it their priority to get to know each student on an individual level. That deep level of understanding means that our faculty are not only dedicated teachers and strong researchers, but also advocates for you as a professional. 

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