Leadership Development

The University of Scranton leadership development program's mission is to facilitate, educate, and motivate students to seek out opportunities to make a significant difference when serving their current and future communities. Through formal organizations, leadership certificate programs, and various workshops and activities, we strive to develop skills, self reflect, and make changes through action.

Getting Involved

The Center for Student Engagement offers many different opportunities to develop your leadership skills. Explore the list below to find out what is right for you.


Club & Organization Transitional Summit - The focus of this event will be to assist club and organization officers to smoothly transition to new leadership for the upcoming academic year. 

National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJLSC) - The National Jesuit Student Leadership Conference (NJSLC) is a national leadership conference for students attending Jesuit universities. For five days each summer, the conference brings together over 300 students and 28 Jesuit institutions from across the country.

Scranton Emerging Leaders (SEL) - The Scranton Emerging Leaders program is comprised of 8 weekly sessions focused on individual leadership development. Through small group activities and interactive discussions, participants will learn more about themselves and how to apply their gifts and talents in the campus community and beyond. 

Scranton Emerging Leader Facilitator - SEL Facilitators work with faculty and staff to lead SEL classes.

Leadership Capstone Experience - The Leadership Capstone Experience is designed for experienced student leaders who apply in their Junior year. This program provides students an opportunity to engage in leadership development and learning reflection in a small group cohort setting. Students will complete a capstone project, either portfolio or presentation and will be recognized at their undergraduate commencement with a medal to reflect their successful completion of the program.


Members of the orientation team assist new students with their transition into the University.

Team Leaders - Team leaders oversee the New Student Orientation Program. The position involves training current students for Orientation Assistant positions, working with staff and faculty to plan and implement orientation as well as prepare various programs to help new students have a smooth transition into the University. 
Orientation Assistants - OA's work with the Team Leaders to help run both transfer and freshman orientation.  They become the first connection new students have with the University of Scranton and play a large role in many events and activities involved with orientation.  OA's are trained on how to work with each other and our campus to help make the transition into the University as easy as possible.


The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) plans and implements over 100 events on campus from comedy nights to concerts to service initiatives.

Executive Board - The Executive Board consists of three positions: Executive Chair, Vice Chair of Series Events, and Vice Chair of Special Events.  Together they oversee the entire Programming Board as well as the 100+ events they put on a year.  They hold meetings and work directly with the board members to make sure USPB is on track and getting things done correctly.  They also can act as a liaison between USPB as a whole and the rest of the campus.
Board Members - Most USPB Board members are placed into groups of two and together they are directly in charge of running one of the eight USPB committees.  They do the initial contacting and planning of various events on campus and work to implement those events throughout the year.  To make the events a success, the Committee Heads work with members of their committees to get people involved and help to run the events.