Clubs & Organizations

Clubs & Organizations

How much you get out of Scranton will depend on how much you get into – and there’s no shortage of ways to spend your time! In fact, 24 hours won’t seem like enough. 

Get Active, Stay Active

There are more than 90 active clubs and organizations at the University, where you can bust a move with the Urban Dance Crew, prove your toughness on the men’s and women’s rugby clubs, or verbally – and politely – spar with the Speech and Debate Team.

Different types of student activities on campus include:

  • Academic/honors organizations
  • Cultural/ethnic groups
  • Hobby/special interest groups
  • Media organizations
  • Political/social issues organizations
  • Service/spiritual groups
  • Student government/programming boards

If we don’t already have a club for what captivates you, create one. It couldn’t be easier to make Scranton your own!  So find what piques your interests and dive in. Or find something completely new and give it a shot!

Students on the Programming Board plan more than 50 events each year. This includes our annual Springfest event, bus trips to New York City, as well as concerts and comedians on campus.

At Scranton, people get involved, stay on the weekends and always have something to do. Don’t believe me? Visit us to see for yourself.

Below is a sample list of some of the most popular clubs on campus:

Business Club
Colleges Against Cancer
Commuter Students Association
Health Professions Organization
Student Nurses Association
Sustainability & Conservation Club
United Cultures Organization

And more than 70 others

If you’re a writer, musician, singer, actor, dancer, journalist or broadcaster, then we have ways for you to express your creative side and gain practical experience.

Bands, Choirs and String Ensembles
University Players
Liva Arts Company
99.5 WUSR-FM
Royal Television Network
Student Newspaper (The Aquinas)
Literary Magazine (Esprit)
Yearbook (The Windhover)