Visit FAQ's

Visit FAQ's

Thank you for your interest in visiting Scranton! We want to ensure that our students have a positive visit experience. Below are some frequently asked questions that you may find to be helpful.

Q: Do you require an interview for admission?

A: At this time, the Office of Admissions does not require a formal interview as part of our admission process. We only offer interviews to a select group of students after they apply for admission.

We do offer prospective students and families the opportunity to schedule a personal appointment with a member of our Admissions staff. The personal appointment is non-evaluative and is perfect for students and parents who may have questions about the University or want to discuss a specific situation with regard to admission.

Click here to schedule a personal appointment or call 1-888-SCRANTON (1-888-727-2686).

Q: Can I meet with faculty members and/or athletic coaches?

A: You may contact the department of your intended major to see if a faculty member would be available to meet with you during the day of your visit. For contact information, please call our Visitors’ Center at 1-888-SCRANTON (1-888-727-2686). 

If you would like to meet with a coach, you can contact him or her directly. Click here to view a list of coaches and their contact information.

Q: Can I stay overnight on campus?

A: The Admissions office does not arrange overnight stays for prospective students.

Q: Which hotels are within walking distance?

A: The Radisson at Lackawanna Station and the Hilton Hotel and Conference Center are both within a five-minute walk of our campus. Click here for more information on local hotels and rates.

Q: What if I am a graduate student?

A: Please note that the information session is geared toward high school students. Graduate students seeking information will find it most beneficial to meet directly with a counselor. You can schedule a personal appointment in lieu of the information session with the Office of Graduate Admissions by clicking here or by calling 570-941-4416.