Adult Application FAQ's

Adult Application FAQ's

We know that you may have questions when applying as an adult or non-degree student. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-SCRANTON or

  • What constitutes an Adult or Non-Degree-Seeking Student?plus or minus

    Adult Freshman or Transfer Student:

    - Any student who will be 24 years of age, or older, upon the first day of the entry term

    - Students applying for:

        Second Bachelor's degree
        Associate's degree 
        Certificate program

    • Re-admit students: Students who have previously matriculated at The University of Scranton and would like to be re-admitted must contact the GCES Student Services at (570) 941-7580.
    • Curriculum is under revision and applications are currently not being accepted to the RN to BSN or LPN to BSN programs.

    Non-Degree-Seeking Student:

    - Self-Improvement (Personal)

    - Self-Improvement (Graduate School Prerequisites)

    - Audit

    - Visiting Students

    - Marywood University Consortium Cross-Registration: Students matriculating at Marywood University and wish to take a class at The University of Scranton should contact GCES Student Services at (570) 941-7580.

  • Questions Related to Applicationplus or minus

    Q: How do I apply for admission?

    A: Adult students can apply online for free.

    Q: What are the requirements for a second bachelor's degree?

    A: Candidates for a second bachelor's degree are expected to complete a minimum of 30 credits at The University of Scranton beyond the completion of the studies for the first degree, of which at least 15 credits must be in the seconds degree’s major. Students must complete all requirements for the second degree not covered by the first degree program for the major and cognate courses. All prerequisites for major and cognate courses must also be completed.

    No semester hours from the first bachelor's degree can be used toward this 30 credit requirement. Grades for courses taken by University of Scranton graduates after completion of the requirements for the first bachelor's degree will have no effect on the final grade point average of the first degree.

    Q: If I was previously a student, do I need to reapply?

    A: Once accepted into an undergraduate program at The University of Scranton, a student is expected to maintain continuous enrollment. The dean may approve requests for one, and on occasion, two consecutive-semester leaves of absence.  Students who do not attend the University for a semester or more, without an approved leave of absence, may be required to complete a full application for readmission. This may also result in a student’s need to fulfill new curricular requirements. To apply for readmission, contact the GCES Student Services at (570) 941-7580.

    Q: Is an interview required?

    A: While an interview is not required, prospective students may schedule a personal appointment. The personal appointment is non-evaluative and is for students who may have questions or wish to discuss a specific situation with regard to admission. The appointment can be made in combination with a tour. To schedule your visit, please contact our Visitor’s Center at (570) 941-6654 or register online.

  • Questions Related to Transferring Creditsplus or minus

    Q: What is the maximum number of credits that can be transferred?

    A: All students need to complete a minimum of 63 credits at The University of Scranton in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. Students applying for a second bachelor’s degree must complete a minimum of 30 credits with a minimum of 15 credits in the major area.

    Q: How do I know if previously taken credits still transfer?

    A: Applicants are required to submit college transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended. An individual course evaluation will be completed. Only courses with a “C” or better will be reviewed for course equivalence. These results will be sent to the student after admission.

    Q: Do you accept CLEP credits?

    A: The College Level Examination Program has been established to enable students of all ages to earn college credit by examination. Through the CLEP tests, applicants may gain credit in many academic subjects applicable to their degree programs. Individuals who wish to receive information about these examinations should either consult GCES Student Services or contact CLEP directly by writing to the Program Director, College Level Examination Program, College Entrance Examination Board, Box 660, Princeton, NJ 08541 or sending an email to

    Q: Can I take courses in the summer and transfer them to my home college?

    A: An undergraduate student matriculated to another college or university who wishes to take courses at The University of Scranton and transfer the credit back to their home college may do so as a Visiting Student. Please complete the online Non-Degree-Seeking application. Please attach written approval from the dean or other authorized administrator of your home college for all courses to be taken at The University of Scranton. 

  • Questions Related to Scholarship & Financial Aidplus or minus

    Q: Is financial aid available?

    A: Adult students must complete the FAFSA ( to be reviewed by our Financial Aid Office for state grants, university grants, loans, work study, endowment scholarships and need based aid. The University of Scranton school code, 003384, should be marked on the college page. For more information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 1-888-SCRANTON or email Outside scholarships can be researched at

  • Questions Related to Courses and Housingplus or minus

    Q: Once accepted, how do I register for courses?

    A: After you are offered acceptance and submit your confirmation deposit, your file is forwarded to the GCES Student Services. An advisor will contact you to set up a meeting for scheduling.

    Q: Is housing available for adult students?

    A: A limited amount of adult housing is available on a space available basis. Adults interested in on-campus housing should contact the Residence Life Office at (570) 941-6226 to be place on a waiting list.

    Q: How do I find what courses are offered for a specific term?

    A: Students may view course offerings at