Jim Caulfield

Jim Caulfield

  • Class: 2017
  • Majors: Finance and Economics
  • College: Kania School of Management
  • Hometown: Pennington, New Jersey


Jim Caulfield appreciated the high-level, real-world business education he received in the Kania School of Management. With opportunities for internships and to work closely with knowledgeable, experienced professors, Jim entered the business world as a financial advisor confident and well prepared.

On the real-world emphasis

“In the Kania School, we didn't always go by the textbook. Whether it was professors sharing their professional experiences, breaking away from the classroom to watch a Federal Reserve announcement in the Alperin Financial Center or, for me, my summer internship with the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Group, it was all about practical application.”

On the Alperin Financial Center

“The Alperin Financial Center is an absolutely incredible facility. The Bloomberg terminals are a huge advantage, as they provide current information on market news, statistics and trends, as well as current events that are affecting business around the world.”

On tools for success

“Every tool to help you succeed is here at the Kania School. We offer different events almost every week. There are guest speakers from different companies sharing their experiences. There are workshops that teach you everything from building your résumé and LinkedIn profile to how to present yourself to employers. Bottom line: You will be prepared.”