Meet Our Students

Meet Our Students

Scranton students find abundant opportunities to apply classroom learning in the real world. We encourage all students to gain experience and make connections through internships and experiential learning. Many of our students participate in high-level research. And students regularly collaborate on professional projects within the local community and beyond. 

Scranton students also find many opportunities to develop leadership skills. Through experiences geared toward personal and professional development, they grow into capable, confident, lifelong leaders.

Fahad Ashraf, Class of 2020, Biology and Philosophy

Jim Caulfield, Class of 2017, Finance and Economics

Jessica D'Aquila, Class of 2018, Secondary Education-English

Jithin George, Class of 2021, Neuroscience and Biomathematics

Adrian Laudani, Class of 2018, Counseling & Human Services

Bailey McLaughlin, Class of 2021, Occupational Therapy

Maggie Parks, Class of 2016, Marketing

Yasirie Ramos, Class of 2016, International Business

Matthew Reynolds, Class of 2018, Biology and Biophysics

Lauren Tomasic, Class of 2018, Exercise Science and Philosophy