Marc Seid, Ph.D.

Marc Seid, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor of Biology
  • B.S., M.S., Brigham Young University
  • Ph.D., Boston University


Dr. Marc Seid teaches biology and neuroscience in the College of Arts and Sciences. He values his time and close relationships with his students—whether teaching in the classroom, collaborating in the lab or conducting research together in the field.

On interacting with students

“The way our Loyola Science Center is constructed is a big advantage, with the professors’ offices intermingled among the student study spaces. Because of the close proximity, students and faculty can interact much more often than they would in a traditional science building.”

On active, transparent science

“With all the glass walls, students are able to see other students and professors
working together in the labs. At many other universities, all lab work happens behind
closed doors. Not here. It’s inspiring to walk down the halls and see all that’s going on.”

On research in the field

“I take students to Panama and Florida each year to do outdoor research. In Panama, our research ranges from the social organization of insects, to bats’ foraging techniques, to the reproduction of frogs. In Florida, we dig holes and chop into logs to collect ants for research that we’ll do back in the lab. We want our students to be critical thinkers and to be discovery oriented. These field experiences teach a lot.”